The only prayer

There is a flow to life
that we must follow

a place where the mystical
meets the mundane

the profound collides
with the profane

where every butterflies wing
points the same way.

And we can read the runes,
pull another card,
scry our lives, all we like

hoping for a different roll,
of the same dice

but we DO know.
We know Graces whisper.
Beckoning us on journeys
we wouldn’t choose.

Breathing us things
we would rather unknow.

And so, we will


or dragged.


Every day
the same prayer:

“take these hands,
this heart, these lips
for your work,
your words, I am
wholly yours”

and yet, still
I can grieve

the things I’m asked
to release.

I suppose then,
there’s only one prayer
I ever need to know
and that is

show me how to

let this go.”

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