Featured Media Interviews with Lucy Grace

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Buddha at the Gaspump – Lucy’s life story

The details of Lucy’s path, awakenings and experiences over the years. A look at the beauty and the bounty of our humanity – exactly as it is – as part of our divinity. And a dive into all the ways we are so much more than just human.

2nd Buddha at the Gaspump interview

Two years on from the first Buddha at the Gaspump interview. We discuss the flow of life and where it calls us – how natures priority is often not our comfort, but our emergence. We cover non-duality and the ways we can inadvertently leave parts of our wholeness out – how we can be afraid of wholeness, because it includes all. And we look at how we can become deeply human, through being more than human. By using all that we are to tend the human in its suffering and it’s joy.

The Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller 

One of my favourite interviews. Covers the immense awakenings we can have as humans, and how these can bring so much joy, and also (what feels like) so much loss sometimes. What feels like loss, is actually realignment with our newfound truth as it wants to express in form.

We talk about the emergence process – how our systems go through periods of deconstruction and reorientation in order to embody what we have realised – how to meet wounding, fear and patterning in the system as it arises, so that awakening can integrate through the body-mind. How to refine patience, compassion, understanding when people around us can be so different to us. We talk in depth about connection to nature, ancient wisdom and fearlessness.

The Path is the Purpose: Lucy Grace – Awakening to the Grace of Nature

A conversation on embodiment, not as concept but as alive experience. Awakening as a natural state – and nature as embodying that state always – how we can coregulate with nature.

Traverses the feminine way, opening to energies and letting them breathe us. The experience of integrating these energies until they become “us” – integration, not indoctrination – and the sacred human process of drawing the fullness of ourselves, through these precious bodies – that we may BE awakening, moving.

Contemplative Light: Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace grew up poor and over time passed through many levels of awakening.  She has come to her own realisation organically, without spiritual teachers or a formal path, but rather just by feeling her way through life with intuition and surrender. She sees life as an ongoing practice to embody realisation – we can only give, what we can embody.

Above the Veil: dark night of the soul with Lucy Grace

A closer look at Lucy’s dark night of the soul period, drawing links with Christian mystic St John of the Cross’s book The Dark Night of the Soul. Offering a hand of hope to all those who feel stuck, or lost.

Angels Changing Tyres – how to live with deep courage and connection

A conversation on learning to let our ultimate self, guide and tend the human in its suffering. This leads to a deep embodied fearlessness – an ease in “not knowing.” Touches on the portal of divorce – how very often we don’t divorce a person, but choose to leave our inauthentic self, in order to emerge. Divorce in this sense becomes a divorce of fear, and a commitment to the truth of us.

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