unbound wholeness

where the truth of our being, matches the way of our being
and all of us is homed - deeply, potently, unconditionally

where all of us is homed, deeply, potently, unconditionally

Welcome, here is a place for you to rest, open your heart and remember who you are.

What does it mean to live a human life? One deeply infused and tended by spirit. A life of connection, humour, trust, courage, compassion and potency.

We are moving through a time of great change. Spirituality is in the streets. It’s no longer reserved for the scholar, the sage, for men in caves.

There’s a riot happening. A reformation. We are reclaiming the bone, breath and marrow of spirituality.

We are redefining God.

We are entering the womb of all that we are – to spin flesh around spirit, so that it may move as itself, here – lighting the world with its might.

This is deep, sacred, cellular remembering.

“Spirituality” that does not seek to leave anything out – least of all this reality – but nor is it solely of it. That is not trying to transcend the gift of our humanity, but is wise enough to revere the wisdom of it.

No longer do we choose between intelligence or intuition. The transcendent or the human. Reverence or irreverence. The mystical or the mundane. Wholeness inherently includes all. One homed, sacred thing.

“Lucy’s poems shine with the light of deeply embodied spirit. A dance of light upon the land.” Adyashanti

This Untameable Light

This Untameable Light is here to remind you of your inherent wholeness and bring forgiveness, ease, humour and reverence to the sacred mess of being human. Alongside the beauty of all the ways we are so much more than human.

We are all whole, and broken. All stumbling, and immensely powerful. We all long for love, and long to know we are not totally messing up this precious existence.

This Untameable Light celebrates our humanity as part of our divinity. It calls us into deep belonging – exactly as we are – and reminds us of the perpetual wink of existence.

It has one message: all of you is deeply loved by life – just as you are. You are precious, and this life is a gift, to be lived deeply, fully and unapologetically.

Connect with Lucy

Lucy works with you to unlock and integrate your deepest truth, heart and wisdom – which has always been yours alone.

This work is not about fixing or changing yourself, striving or seeking – this is about revealing who you already are in your inherent wholeness, and then offering the gift of that to the world.

Private Sessions

Work 1:1 with Lucy to unlock and integrate your deepest truth, heart and wisdom. From this place of authentic residence, we find an unrivaled freedom and spiritual maturity, to move potently, wholly and freely in the world.

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Join the Sangha

Join kindred spirits bi-weekly in a space of deep rest, humour, shared wisdom and connection, where we come together, attune, meditate and share our hearts questions. Our shared presence, brings us into deeper presence with ourselves.

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Join us at a four night deep immersion fall retreat to connect, share, attune and deepen in presence – in person together. This is belonging, exactly as you are. A dive into the sacred process of our humanity – and the gift of our endless being.

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Join friends on the path, for this weekly meet-up to journey through our hearts questions on our humanity, spiritual practice and awakenings. This group is deeply integrative, and helps to normalise the myriad of experiences, griefs and gains along the path.

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What others are saying.

About Lucy Grace.

Lucy was raised in a poor neighborhood, by a young single mother in the 1980’s. The lack of resources available in childhood resulted in a shrinking of her outer world to what she thought of – years later, as a kind of welfare-child ashram.

She endured significant trauma and sustained violence in childhood – all compelling her to go within to find nourishment, solace and strength in what she thought of as “the deep stillness and light inside.”

This connection with spirit – with all that she is – burnt into being out of necessity, deepened significantly throughout her life and she had numerous awakenings despite never having been a seeker in the traditional sense. She was not exposed to “spirituality” as a counter culture – it’s traditions or teachings – and never entered a conscious spiritual search.

When she was 36 she was plunged into a level of blackness that was immensely shocking and previously unknown. For more than two years she descended into complete separation and couldn’t hear the guidance that had always accompanied her in her life. For the first time ever she couldn’t feel “God.”

After more than two years of immense struggle, an unexplainable and absolute surrender took place in a moment, as her two year old reached for her.

Latest Words.

Insights, teachings and musings straight from my heart, to yours.

My heart is opening again

I’ve become accustomed to this ever deepening, ever tender movement.

And yet I’m always astounded (all over again) that there’s more. Which is ridiculous because I teach that existence is limitless. Further evidence we are only ever students teaching ourselves.

“Today is a good day to die”

a pilgrim
walks her prayers

she walks the answer

somewhere within the despair
and sweet longing
of being human

the meaning of life
is a rhetorical question

The grief of awakening

When someone we love dies, we are allowed to grieve.

People understand this process, it makes sense to them. They wouldn’t dream of asking us not to feel.
And yet each of us endures many deaths, over and over throughout these magical – and sometimes deeply tender or outrightly shocking – lives.

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