Circle runs every week, beginning Saturday Nov 25th US/UK/Ireland and Europe time and Sunday .Nov 26th NZ/AU time,


NZ – 9am Sunday
Sydney – 7am Sunday
New York (EST) – 3pm Saturday
California (PDT) – 12pm Saturday
MST – 1pm Saturday
UK/Ireland – 8pm Saturday

Join us for this ongoing journey together, where we bring our hearts questions and inquiries around our humanity, path, spiritual practice and awakenings.

This is a deeply intimate, deeply integrative journey with community every week – for as long as you like.

So often we yearn for true connection, meeting and belonging – and yet we can’t find it because so many of our social habits are pretence. They’re not bad, they’re just not real.

We’ve been conditioned by parents, culture, schools, workplaces, partners, friends (the list goes on) to fit in. To say the “right” thing and do the “right” thing. But fitting in, is never belonging – and it can leave us feeling disconnected from our true selves, and the truth of others.

When our goal is to fit in, we become one mask interacting with another mask – and deep down we know it, which is why we can be left feeling empty and alone.

So often, we yearn to meet ‘being to being’ – truth to truth – not just conditioning to conditioning.

We long for talk that is real – not just safe, not just small. We long for rich connection, true conversation and the depth and opportunity for growth that authentic communicating, and witnessing offers. So much of our pain and shame has been shaped in community/family. Our healing happens in community too.

In circle we are invited into true connection. We practice really being seen – exactly as we are. And seeing others, exactly as they are.

We meet in the real, in this shared space that we all know and touch – presence.

We practice letting our masks drop, and letting all the things we’ve been taught will make us unloveable (and that we should hide) be seen and homed in compassionate, powerful presence.

In doing so we normalise the myriad of experiences, griefs and gains along our path. And we allow ourselves to fall back ever more deeply into Grace, letting go more and more of that which has us bound, contracted and braced in shame and fear.

We start releasing that which keeps us separate.

Circle supports us to celebrate our humanity, along with all the ways we are so much more than human – deepening spiritual maturity and bringing us into a shared sense of the path and all it entails. The mystical and the mundane of us, the holy and the humiliating. Everything hallowed, everything included.

We come to see that many of the vulnerabilities/shames we carry, are simply part of our humanity and held by everyone – once owned, they no longer own us.

We meet at the intersection of spirit and matter – together.

Meetings are once a week on zoom, for 1.5 hours, and run indefinitely so that deep safety and connection is established, and can grow between members. We share deeply and openly. This gives us the benefit of learning from each others experiences and practices.

If you don’t want to share, you don’t have to. You can listen to others and gain from the support they receive – which will always be for the whole field.

Recordings will be shared with the group afterwards.

Contribution: US$20-$30 per meeting. This is a sliding scale depending on your circumstances. Please pay what you can afford, I trust you deeply with this.

If resources are not scarce for you right now it is deeply appreciated if you can opt-up on the payment scale. I have tried to make this as accessible for people as possible, but in order to keep the group intimate – and capped below 15 people – the community model depends on some people opting to pay a higher rate to make it sustainable. Groups like this take a lot of work behind the scenes to run and this means some people who do not have the means right now, but have the intent, heart and desire are able to receive scholarships.

You can also choose to pay slightly more than the minimum per week in each band. To opt-up in payment, just use the plus sign next to the dollar amount when you are signing up.

I am so looking forward to expanding and journeying together!

Friends on the Path

US$20 per meeting

You’re invited weekly online meetings with Lucy and the other members.

You contribute to a flourishing community by bringing your heart, spirit and sharings – welcome!


US$25 per meeting

You contribute to the Community Fund which helps people in financial need join meetings at a discounted rate.

You’re invited to weekly online meetings with Lucy and the other members.

You contribute to a flourishing community by bringing your heart, spirit and sharings – welcome!

Helping Hands

US$30 per meeting

You contribute to the Helping Hands Fund, which helps people in financial need join meetings on scholarship.

You receive a free private counselling or mentoring session with Lucy after six months of membership.

You’re invited to weekly online meetings with Lucy and the other members.

You contribute to a flourishing community by bringing your heart, spirit and sharings – welcome!

Our whole task then, is to clear the eye of the heart, whereby God may be seen more clearly.

– St Augustine

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