This is the pathless path - uniquely ours.
The curriculum is life. The education, love.

Welcome, here is a place for you to rest, open your heart and remember who you are.

What does it mean to live a human life? One deeply infused and tended by spirit. A life of connection, humour, trust, courage, compassion and potency?

We are moving through a time of great change. Spirituality is in the streets. It’s no longer reserved for the scholar, the sage, for men in caves.

There’s a riot happening. A reformation. We are reclaiming the bone, breath and marrow of spirituality. We are redefining God.

We are entering the womb of all that we are – to spin flesh around spirit, so that it may move as itself, here – lighting the world with its might.

This is deep, sacred, cellular remembering.

Spirituality that does not seek to leave anything out – least of all this reality – but nor is it solely of it. That is not trying to transcend the gift of our humanity, but is wise enough to revere the wisdom of it.

We are learning to let our ultimate selves, guide and tend the human in its suffering and its joy – ushering the fullness of all that we are into this world. Informing our movements, intentions and experience, here. Deepening trust, gratitude, patience, equilibrium, compassion, courage, love.

Here is an intelligence that combines the power of transcendence with the potential of flesh, through the portal of experience. And everyone is included.

We are all students. All teachers.

We all know, in our deepest heart – and equally, we all know nothing.

You need no passport. No identity in particular, no credentials, no knowledge, no experience, no relationship to meditation or spirituality – all existence is spiritual.

The best thing you can be and bring – is simply the tender, bone-truth of you, moving in this moment.

You don’t have to do, get, become, find, fix or change yourself.

You don’t have to “be” anything. In fact we will look to go underneath the roles, clubs, structures, beliefs, ideas, allegiances, protections, doctrines, affiliations.

The pulse of existence is calling for a spirituality that is not subtly (or overtly) punitive or detached, but that honours the sacred process and anoints the sacred mess of our humanity – in balance – with the beauty of all the ways we are so much more than human. Not favouring one over the other (as if we could). Not denying or pushing away any part of life’s innate wisdom.

We are exiting the collective trance. We are learning to host spirit ever more deeply through matter – that it may express here and infuse the world with its wisdom and might.

No longer do we choose between intelligence or intuition. The transcendent or the human. Reverence or irreverence. The mystical or the mundane. Wholeness inherently includes all. One homed, sacred thing.

The minute we try to leave anything out, we have entered the realm of duality.

The self is lovingly included. The body is included, pain is included. Power, joy, apathy, fear – all included.

The perfection of nature – of expansion and contraction, of sacred process – is all recognised and deeply included.

Here, light and dark are not binary – each exists within the other. And each acts as a portal to deepen our capacity for expansion.

No longer do we shun parts of ourselves that we deem too broken to be “good” or “spiritual.”

We know it’s all spiritual. Every part of us, every slug, every orphan, every wild dog in us – is brought home to love.

Grace moves us along, through sacred process, through the alchemy of flesh – turning our suffering to gold and gifts for the world.

Love, is the intelligence required. Love is the input, and greater love is the output.

Not a saccharine, fluffy, boundaryless love. But a mighty, homed, deeply powerful love. Able to move mountains or stand for armies if required – and it will be required, at times.

We are all teachers and the taught. We are all healers and the healing. We are all gurus, kings, beggars and thieves.

We are not required to white knuckle our lives, or cut and paste our personalities to be better, be more, be enough. We do not need to earn the love of a tyrannical God who lives in the clouds adorned in white robes.

It’s time to redefine God.

God is a black man, a beggar, a deeply loving mother, a whirling dervish, our dearest friend, or whatever we want It to be.

God, consciousness, life-force, Allah, Great Spirit, boundless awareness – call it by any name – loves us so much it’ll shapeshift to whatever we need it to be.

It’ll fit in whatever box we put it in. And when we’re ready to expand our view of it, it’ll come out of all boxes and show us just how unbound it is. Just how unbound, we are.

We only limit this, as far as we are limited.

Existence is limitless. It is not bound to any tradition, religion, idea, concept, framework that we try to impose on it. There are no rules, no criteria to gain entry, and no one is excluded.

All traditions, rituals, practices, religions are deeply welcomed here – insofar as they lead us closer to the truth of ourselves, and help us to become more loving, more authentic and more whole humans.

There is nothing separate, bound or superior about existence. We reduce it, to what we are.

So much of ego-bound spirituality today, seeks to separate. To render “my way” superior. The arrogance and defence in that, can only belong to a self – in fear.

We only exclude – ourselves, or anyone else – from the unconditional love of life, to the degree we are in fear. Fear of our own inadequacy. Fear of our inherent brokenness. Fear of “getting it wrong.”

You cannot get it wrong. Just like a foetus doesn’t need tinkering with in order to become a baby, nor does your birthing need “doing.” It’s all happening in perfect timing. Our job, is to nurture it.

From this place – from this grace – contractions and fears ease, allowing us to fall ever more deeply into surrender, into deep light, so that it may infuse and tend the human experience.

Welcome. You are home. Home in your own heart. Home in the breath of you. Home with a God who loves all of you – no matter what you are, aren’t, do or don’t do. Take off your masks. Lay down your burdens. Here is a hearth for you to rest. Here are friends who see through the sacred mess of “you” – into the might, untameable light, and truth you always are.

And in doing so – call it ever more deeply forth.

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Join friends on the path, for a four week journey through our hearts questions on our humanity, spiritual practice and awakenings. This group is deeply integrative, and helps to normalise the myriad of experiences, griefs and gains along the path.

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