1:1 SESSIONS with Lucy

Lucy works with you to help you unlock and integrate your deepest truth, heart and wisdom – which has always been yours alone, so that you may move as it, here in the world.

She is a guide into your deepest self – the place where all existence resides, deep authenticity and love resides – and all of you is homed. The innate intelligence of your system leads us there.

Lucy works at the intersection of spirit and matter, and see’s everything as “spiritual” – she doesn’t distinguish between awakening support, therapy/counselling or spiritual guidance – because it is all intrinsically linked.

This work, is not about fixing or changing yourself, striving or seeking – this is about revealing who you already are in your inherent wholeness, and then offering the gift of that to the world.

This often requires a journey to integrate and home, all of the exiled parts of yourself across the energy body, physical body, emotional body and psyche. Here we liberate ourselves of the energy it takes to repress or avoid these parts – and unite the divisions in our systems to embody a wholeness and freedom, unrivaled.

From this place of authentic residence, we normalise and celebrate our humanity as sacred process – part of our inherent divinity.

Here, we find a spiritual maturity that accepts and allows all of us. Where dogma, shoulds and shame fall away – allowing us to open ever more deeply to Grace.

Sessions can help with:

  • Deepening in connection to the wisdom of the body and its innate intelligence as the gateway to the unconscious
  • Deepening and integrating spiritual awakenings, experiences and shifts
  • Accessing and cultivating that part of you which is always and already whole
  • Clearing trauma stored in the energy body, physical body and psyche
  • Cultivating trust in life’s benevolence so that you may feel safe to open more deeply
  • Connecting with your authentic truth and then living it here in the world
  • Accepting, celebrating and normalising your humanity as an essential part of spiritual maturity
  • All of which assists the body, heart, mind and being to open ever more deeply into awakening and the love that you are, so you can move as it here in the world

In this work you’ll break through any ideas of “healing” that can be a subtle form of self-hatred and come to understand yourself as truly whole already.

This can require a journey into the places where you have shut down, or shut out parts of yourself. Precious parts that are looking for belonging, and homing. Places you may be wounded, self-limited, or where you’ve denied your freedom of expression or authenticity.

We work holistically across the physical body, energy body, emotional body and psyche – to bring balance, fluidity, deep homing and freedom.

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How Lucy works

Lucy sees everything as “spiritual.” She recognises the innate intelligence to all of life, and sees our lives as the education, the curriculum and the path.

Lucy doesn’t distinguish between awakening support, spiritual guidance and therapy/counselling – because it is all intrinsically linked.

Any way we can deepen, or open our energy bodies, physical bodies, emotional bodies or psyches – simply calls the other systems into transformation, deepening and balance too.

She sees each individual as its own eco system – part of, and intrinsically connected to a greater whole. She works deeply with the principle of balance. For example – for some, transcendence is second nature, but they may find it challenging to be in the world, to connect in relationship, truly be present with their kids or find joy in the sacred ordinary of their humanity.

For others, they may be deeply embodied – able to dance around a fire pit and find true purpose and pleasure in their humanity, but struggle to feel an authentic connection with Source. Or a true surrender into all that they are.

In both of these examples we look to bring wholeness and balance to the system – by working at the point of growth, addressing the blocks to our connecting with the aspects of us that are inherent in our wholeness, which is always trying to find expression.

Lucy works holistically with the being in front of her using a range of different methods depending on what is called for – to bring the system to wholeness, balance and thriving.

She is trained in Hakomi therapy (deep somatic therapy) and parts work counselling (working with the different- sometimes aligned or opposing – part of us). She uses a mix of modalities, as well as intuitive guidance and pragmatic spiritual and life experience.

Please note, this work is not a substitute for psychotherapy, mental health services or medications.

How many sessions do I need?

It is possible that one session can give you the guidance you need. Although the work is cumulative – so many people find that weekly or bi-weekly sessions are ideal to go much deeper and reveal the limiting beliefs and patterns that can keep us stuck, create suffering and close the system.

A seed eventually blooms into the most beautiful flower. But first, it must break down, crack open, travel through mud without any guarantees and give over to instinct and the will of life.

It does not know there is light through the mud of growth. It does not know its dismantling will lead to its blooming: but it follows impulse. It follows the sacred mess of nature. And God is that mess. We are that mess. Intelligent mess.

We cannot scream at the seed to “bloom!” before it is time. It needs water, sunlight and patience – and when it is ready, it opens.

Nor can we scream at ourselves to “open!” “heal!” or “surrender!” – we can only meet what is truly here now, deeply and earnestly, and choose to keep opening to what is – bravely trusting life’s innate intelligence. Trusting the perfect process of nature. We too, are nature.

Grace moves us along, through sacred process, through the alchemy of flesh – turning our suffering to gold and gifts for the world.

Our unfolding is happening in perfect timing.

We simply have to nurture it.

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