Spiritual Practice and Awakening Support Group

Next four-week group starts Friday May 17th (USA, Canada and Europe), Saturday, May 18th, 2024 (Australia and NZ) and runs for four consecutive weeks.


NZ – 8.30am Saturday
Sydney – 6.30am Saturday
New York (EST) – 4.30pm Friday
California (PDT) – 1.30pm Friday
UK/Ireland – 9.30pm Friday
Europe – 10.30pm Friday

Join us for this four week journey together where we bring our hearts questions and inquiries around our path, spiritual practice and awakenings.

This group is deeply integrative, and helps to normalise the myriad of experiences, griefs and gains along the path. Which Lucy sees as all of life.

It supports us to celebrate our humanity, along with all the ways we are so much more than human – deepening spiritual maturity and bringing us into a shared sense of the path and all it entails. The mystical and the mundane of us, the holy and the humiliating. Everything hallowed, everything included.

We meet at the intersection of spirit and matter – together.

Meetings are once a week on zoom, for 1.5 hours, and run for four weeks. We share deeply and openly. This gives us the benefit of learning from each others experiences and practices.

This group is ideal for people who would love to work with Lucy 1:1 to deepen on their path or integrate and make sense of their experience, but haven’t been able to due to her waitlist.

If you don’t want to share, you don’t have to. You can listen to others and gain from the support they receive – which will always be for the whole field.

Recordings will be shared with the group afterwards.

Contribution: US$250-$375 for the full four weeks. This is a sliding scale depending on your circumstances. Please pay what you can afford, I trust you deeply with this.

To opt-up in payment, just use the plus sign next to the dollar amount.

In the end it’s not enough that we know. We must live it. For only by living it can love show itself as the greatest principle.

– Wu Feng

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