This Untameable Light

“Lucy’s poems shine with the light of deeply embodied spirit. A dance of light upon the land.” Adyashanti

“Lucy Grace’s This Untameable Light pulses with a wild love for what is – a river of light pouring forth from the depths of a surrendered life. These freshly born ecstatic poems encourage us to open
our hearts, know that we are loved, and passionately dance as the sacred ordinary. Inspired and revelatory!”

John J. Prendergast, author of The Deep Heart and In Touch

“Lucy’s poetry is inspired energy work. Not just a short-lived spark like an ember that just as soon dissolves back into the night, true poetry can have a profound and lasting impact on consciousness. Lucy is a true poet, an open vessel through which shimmering grace flows. And a poem from this kind of poet, more than a pleasant arrangement of words, is a portal. With unseen genius it can open the reader to a long-hidden light or awaken an unnoticed truth. Poetry from the right source is arguably one of the most potent vehicles for transformation.

This book is alive, sewn with seeds of inspiration ready to revivify its readers. This Untameable Light will offer relief to your ravaged heartache, empower your truest essence, and will be a guide that invites you home to the force of light within you that is incorruptible, every-abiding and ours to cherish and reclaim.”

Chelan Harkin, Best-Selling author and poet of Susceptible to Light, Let Us Dance! The Stumble and Whirl with The Beloved and Wild Grace.

“These poems flow through your soul like a river of bliss. In this stream, the ordinary is felt to be the extraordinary. Wholeness shines through all the cracks.”

Ishtar Howell, Spiritual Guide, Astrologer, Gardener.  

This Untamable Light has the feel of love notes passed from poet to muse; a heart proclaiming its truth and devotion in the intimate language of passion. Fortunately, Lucy Grace’s muse is the divine substance of life, and she revels in the naked honesty permitted, and indeed fostered, in this relationship. Her words are a healing celebration of living one’s divine truth.

Mary Reed, award-winning author of Unwitting Mystic and Humanity’s Epic Awakening.


This Untameable Light is here to remind you of your inherent wholeness and bring forgiveness, ease, humour and reverence to the sacred mess of being human. Alongside the beauty of all the ways we are so much more than just human.

We are all whole, and broken. All stumbling, and immensely powerful. We all long for love, and long to know we are not totally messing up this precious existence.

This Untameable Light celebrates our humanity as part of our divinity. The mystical and mundane of us. The profound and the profane.

It calls us into deep belonging – exactly as we are – and reminds us of the perpetual wink of existence.

This Untameable Light has one message: all of you is deeply loved by life – exactly as you are. You are precious, and this life is a gift, to be lived deeply, fully and unapologetically.

Poetry has an innate ability to bypass the limited mind, and penetrate straight into your being – the part of you that has never forgotten who you are.

It is a potent catalyst to unlock the deep heart – speaking to the core of you, and igniting the untameable light you have always been.

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