Summer Ashram

We don’t need
to dress up our spirituality
in fancy language

Sanskrit might as well be
cicada hum

church is apple blossom
and watermelon

choir is a chorus
from a bank of summer flowers
worshiping sky

our sacred drum is
wailing children
stomping sand

i am,

and am,

and am.

I get my sermons from slugs

I am schooled by
sea-glass, and the alchemy of
lifetimes of broken hearts

I am
more than human.

and if I can’t trust
when I’m scared

then how can I say I trust?

If I can’t love – here –
when things fall apart

then I can’t say, I truly love.

If peace inside of me, relies
on peace outside of me

it’s not peace.

I am
majesty, and algae

I am “spirituality”

no robe needed
no green smoothie.

no building
no costume
no “channelling”
no “download”

no archetypes
no exclusive circles

no animal skull/fancy dress/skin drum
can emulate, or replace this

we are
and are
and are



There’s no guru, but
your own breath

so don’t kiss my feet
and feed me sugar

let’s lie in the long warm grass
and worship

all the light we cannot see,


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