Notes for being human

your fisted heart
and let it break.

Just let it.

every door of yourself

give over deeply,
grant entry to the pain

to seep or soar,
to drip
or wave

through every mistake

every longing,
every wish

to belong,

your heart

know deeply
every open artery

every breath
every broken capillary.

Because the real tragedy

is only ever
leaving yourself.


Life in its wisdom
wants to be felt.

So open


every moment
wants to be deeply,
wholly allowed.

The greatest intimacy
is offering up your body

For life
to live, itself.

(Much harder, more nuanced
than it sounds)

Turn no visitor away
– whether joy or suffering –

Make deep love
to them all,

to the whispers calling

“let it in,
let it ALL in”

a broken heart
is only ever-more



When I speak here of a broken heart, I don’t mean the romantic kind (only).

Life has a billion ways to belly us.
And deep magic occurs, when we let ourselves be broken open.

The supple union,
of suffering, faith and wisdom.

When we think about all the bullets we catch, and bury, in this miraculous life. Tiny moments, subtle encounters, big knowings.

Healing, meeting, trying, not trying.

The question always seems to be the same:
are we opening, or closing? In this moment…this moment…

How intimate with every part of life can we stand to be?

The mediocrity. The mundanity. The hurt. The subtle – and overt – brutalities.

As well as the miraculous, the joyful,
the magical and the hopeful.



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