Somatic Writing and Meditation Retreat with Lucy Grace, Chelan Harkin and Emelie Cajsdotter

Date: August 30th – September 3rd 2024
Venue: Friskerod farm and nature sanctuary, Sweden

A rare opportunity to join Lucy Grace, Chelan Harkin and Emelie Cajsdotter together for the first time, exploring your deepest heart/truth – and the joy of expressing it.

This is self exploration and writing as prayer, meditation and connection with all of you – and all of life. As embodied power and surrender, all at once

You need no experience, and nothing fancy. Just bring your heart.

This is no exclusive club – bring your social anxiety, bring your tenderness, your might, your bruises, your sensitivites and eccentricities, your grief and your gifts – and let’s be clumsy together. This is being deeply human, through being more than human.

We will delve into how embracing all of ourselves can unleash creative flow, the link between unconditional acceptance and inspiration, and how to tune into the highest truth you know – through the body – to deepen into authentic flow and summon the muse. This will be deep connection with all of you, and a chance to join with kindred spirits in creativity, presence and connection.

We will learn how to merge with different energetic currents and host them through the body – that we may express and create in form.

There will be lots of down time in nature for integration, the farm is paradise, especially in summer.

We will also have the rare and incredible opportunity to spend time with the horses and their medicine through Emilie who can translate their teachings for us. They may also personalise wisdom for people and being with them is a deep transmission. Please see Emilie’s Buddha at the Gaspump interview for more information on how the horses work through her.

Emilie’s retreats are in demand. Every retreat she offers gets over 200 applicants and only 30 can attend, so this is a unique and incredible opportunity to participate in something really special – if you’re interested, sign up fast as we have 30 spaces only.

About Friends of Mio Sanctury and Farm

Friends of Mio is a non-profit association where land, animals and people coexist and meet in non-hierarchical interbeing. It is located outside Tanumshede, on the west coast of Sweden, where hundreds of animals of various species have been rescued to a lifelong home, free to be who they truly are.

The sanctuary spans 185 aches of breathtaking native forest and farmland.

Truly magical things happen here as Emilie communicates with the conciousness of all living species including animals, trees, plants etc. Many of whom can share profound wisdom for us to apply to our human lives. If this sounds like a stretch for you, I would encourage you to watch her buddha at the gaspump interview. And to come with an open heart, willing to be deeply touched by life. This is a small, but magical part of the retreat.

The Farmhouse

We will stay in what has previously been used as a home on the farm – the farmhouse.

There is accommodation for 20-25 people in the large house, and 5 in the red cottage (next to the farmhouse). There are 2 bathrooms and one out-door toilet (dry toilet). The bedrooms are shared.

If anyone wishes, you can also choose to sleep in a tent or in the barn.

The price of the retreat includes all food and accommodation – travel from the airport is paid for separately.

The food will be locally produced and grown, and as far as possible organic overall.

Emma – in Sweden – is our volunteer for this retreat and will be the contact person for sleeping and dietary requirements. On signing up, you will receive her email address for liaison on this. Please also state if you have any severe allergies and if we need to take any precautions.

Costs and Booking

Retreat fee:

US$1200 (includes all meals, accommodation and tuition fee)

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is paid on registration.

Important details:

Final balance due by July 26th.

50% of balance is refundable if cancelled before Aug 2nd.

There is no refund if cancelled after Aug 2nd.


Please let Lucy know if you would like to sponsor a scholarship, or half scholarship for a sincere participant – it’s very much appreciated if resources are abundant for you.

We are so looking forward to connecting with you and can’t wait for this magical time!

About Emilie, Lucy and Chelan

For the past 30 years, Emelie Cajsdotter has been devoted to empathic communication with different species. She lives outside Tanumshede together with her family and about 165 animals, of which 65 horses makes up a herd. Emelie is a trained homeopath, but above all she is a storyteller with a purpose to spread the message of other species to humankind through stories.

For a few years, it has been possible to take part in various courses with Emelie, where the content is provided by other species. So far, hundreds of people have taken part in what other species could teach us. The waiting list is long, with hundreds more lining up for the various courses.

Emelie has written three books; Zander and the time, All the kings horses and It´s singing in the grass. She has participated in the Swedish television series ”The herd” and has been a guest on several Swedish and international podcasts as well as actively involved in producing two podcast in Swedish.


Lucy Grace is a mystic, spiritual guide, holistic therapist and poet, based in New Zealand. She is devoted to helping as many hearts as possible remember the truth of themselves and connect to the ever-present great Heart that pulses through all existence.

She has lived many lives, including as a television journalist for One News – New Zealand’s largest national television news channel – and a humanitarian aid worker based in Europe for 15 years working for the UN, Save the Children, Fairtrade and Oxfam. She worked in orphanages and disaster zones around the world helping to bring relief to peoples suffering.

Lucy now focuses on her work as a spiritual guide, holistic therapist and poet. She is known for honouring the “sacred mess and sacred process” of our humanity, while also supporting people to remember who they are outside of all roles, archetypes, identities, concepts and teachings. She sees life as an ongoing journey to embody awakening – we can only give what we embody.

Lucy sees life as the path, teacher and curriculum – and love as the education. Not a wishy-washy saccharine love but a deeply-homed, mighty, powerful love – able to be what it is in a world that doesn’t always value love – and move mountains as it goes, blessing the world with its might.

Lucy teaches hundreds of people from around the globe each week in community, group and private sessions, helping them to connect with their deepest heart, truth and aliveness. There is currently a year long wait-list for private sessions.

She is the author of ‘This Untameable Light’ released in November 2023 to critical acclaim from some of the worlds most loved spiritual teachers. She lives in nature with her daughter, Rose on Waiheke Island in New Zealand.


Chelan Harkin’s poetry journey began at age 21 on the heels of a traumatic event, a mystical event and an unparalleled creative opening where inspired verse started to pour through her with very little need for editing. Her experience with channelling the muse was profound and intimate but also quite private. It took Chelan 12 years to find the courage to share her poetry with the world through her first self-published book, Susceptible to Light. This publishing journey that began at the end of 2020 has been something of a magic carpet ride characterized by prayer experiments gone right and has included some of the most awe-inspiring events that have been cosmically bonkers and have completely shifted Chelan’s way of relating to herself and the world.

Along with The Prophetess, her current published books include Susceptible to Light, Let Us Dance, The Stumble and Whirl with The Beloved, Wild Grace and The Prophetess, The Return of The Prophet from The Voice of The Divine Feminine.

Before her writing career took off, Chelan worked for ten years as a hypnotherapist. During that decade, she dove deep into the world of understanding the subconscious mind and its powers and potentialities. She lives in the Columbia Gorge, a scenic patch of earth in South Central Washington State with her beautiful seven and three year old kids, Amari and Nahanni. Since this publishing journey began, Chelan has travelled the country as an inspirational speaker, talking about mysticism as the path of opening the heart to embrace our wholeness — The wounds and the wisdom, the pain and the possibility.

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